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What Clients Say...

Not only did I get through this subject, but I also did very well. Something I would not have seen possible without Michelle's support. 

The support I received from Michelle as I was completing a Masters was invaluable. Studying has been something I am very used to as I feel I have never really stopped but the value came for me when I was faced with needing to take a subject in epidemiology and biostatistics.


The name of the subject alone made me feel anxious, overwhelmed and like I was never going to get to the end. The complexity and the language used in this subject was like a foreign language to me and I found it very challenging right from the outset.


Michelle has a wonderful way of not getting caught up in the intellectual academia and really supported me to keep things very simple. Her explanation and communication around this topic was somehow free from the complexity that it is usually wrapped up in, giving me the space to be able to work with the material in a very different way.


Not only did I get through this subject, but I also did very well. Something I would not have seen possible without her support. 

SH, Master of Women's Health Medicine

 Michelle is a master at keeping things simple

Working with Michelle has been a great support to keep me on track and motivated with my degree. Michelle is a master at keeping things simple, she works with you to break all the complexity down and get to the simplicity of what is being asked. I always finish a session knowing exactly what I need to do and ready to get it done.


CJ, Master of Midwifery Studies

Sometimes university can seem completely overwhelming, especially as a mature age student doing Uni the first time (me). Michelle makes Uni OK. And that is a 10/10 in my books.

Michelle makes Uni simple. She helps you strip things back so you can see your way forward.  She makes the complicated, uncomplicated, and that is well needed when navigating your way through university - be it for the first, second, or third, fourth time. I have found her support a total God-send.

Michelle can support you getting clear on what the assignment is asking, what you are going to do with it, and then reviewing drafts. She is a master of flow and order and having worked in the Uni system for years, she gets it. And will help you get it too - no matter what the course.

Michelle is practical, steady and wise even when it all gets too much and you think THAT assignment is NEVER going to get handed in.



SF, Postgraduate Certificate of Business  

 I would say ‘don’t go to uni without Michelle'

I’ve been studying at university for the past 5 years and it has been very challenging indeed. I don’t find university to be easy and having Michelle’s support this year has been invaluable. Michelle has supported me so that I can simply approach tasks that otherwise feel overwhelming and confusing when it comes to studying, doing assignments and preparing for exams. 

Having now come to the end of the semester I am not my usual worn out, tired, stressed and grumpy self. Instead I have more energy and I feel vital and focused, there is a significant difference to my wellbeing. 

Michelle has been with me every step of the way and her approach is very practical and supportive and I can highly recommend her service.

JH, Bachelor of Behavioural Science

 I would say one word describes Michelle's support - clarity

In the dense world of academia, clarity is often what is not felt.  I have just begun studying again, and I know I will not step one foot into this world without Michelle by my side.  Michelle has supported me thus far with job applications and complex selection criteria.  What I value about Michelle’s support is her unique ability to just ‘know’ what I am trying to say.  I might be using 1000 words to say it, but Michelle will come in with her clarity and condense the words to express just what is needed.


Her clear ability in this area is felt in making you feel empowered, which is gold in a system which often appears to be deliberately attempting to make one feel quite inadequate.  When I work with Michelle, she extracts for me the understanding that I do know the content, and hence working with her can be almost a counselling session as she is able to let you feel how truly smart and intelligent you are.  Michelle not only brings clarity to understanding what is required to support your area of study, she brings clarity and elucidation to understanding yourself, and your own unique skills and essence.


Don’t enter the world of study without having at the very least a chat with Michelle.  Thank you Michelle for all you have thus far offered and supported me with.


GD, Master of Education (Guidance and Counselling)

Michelle's expert guidance and knowledge gave me much needed confidence

Returning to study a postgraduate course this year after many years away from University was overwhelming to say the least.  Michelle came highly recommended to me by a fellow student, and she didn’t disappoint. Michelle’s expert guidance and knowledge gave me much needed confidence to tackle some tough assignments and has taken away the feeling of having to do this ‘on my own’.  Michelle is efficient, professional and relatable and I would recommend her to anyone needing support in their academic journey.   


JY, Masters in Counselling

 Michelle is a God send - she has a way of breaking down the complication and stress

Study Made Simple is exactly this! Study. Made. Simple. The way Michelle breaks down all the complication and stress is a God send. I am so appreciative to have this service available and be reminded that I can and will graduate from uni without it feeling like a hard, painful process.


LM, Bachelor of Adult Nursing

 I would not have made it through my first semester without Michelle

I sought Michelle’s services as a mature aged student returning to Uni. I felt quite overwhelmed by the system as a whole and was not sure how to make sense of the assignments and what was being asked of me.  Michelle supported me to connect to the purpose of why I was studying which reduced the overwhelm, and she provided super clear guidance on what was needed in the assignments.  She gave me clear direction on the steps I needed to take to complete an assignment and stepped me through any questions I had. 


I had regular sessions with Michelle throughout my first semester and I literally would not have made it through without her support! I would highly (highly) recommend Michelle’s services to anyone studying at University.


BLG, Bachelor of Psychology

With Michelle’s experience in, and understanding of, academia and research she is a valuable resource to have in your corner.


Over the last 4 years Michelle has been a pivotal support to me completing university studies as a mature age student. Together, over the years, we unpacked the unnecessary pressure the academic system places on you, so I was able to eventually live in a quality that allowed me to not get smashed, depleted, or overwhelmed by the end of each semester. In the moments of overwhelm I did experience along the way, Michelle was always there shining the light on the way out - picking me up and putting me back on track.


I particularly found discussing assignment topics, academic structure and requirements, with her supported me to understand how I could work within what was expected, but not lose myself and my unique expression.


Engaging the support of Michelle significantly contributed to me receiving very high marks on average, which was in fact a requirement for my area of study in order to continue on to what was next.

RJ, Grad. Dip. Psychological Science, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

I would highly recommend Michelle as a very experienced, caring and calming support for anyone embarking on further education in research, or postgraduate education.

In the last 6 months Michelle has helped me enormously in understanding qualitative research as I return to research with a postgraduate Masters degree. I have found Michelle to be a steady, consistent, encouraging support. She has the rare ability to explain simply the mind boggling complex concepts and structures in education and research. I have at times been really frustrated and in overwhelm with some of the confusing concepts and jargon in qualitative research, 

Michelle is always there on call and calmly supports me to see the simplicity in it all and with humour, which is a huge bonus and relief.

From my work with Michelle, I am now able to embrace a new cycle of postgraduate education with more openness, curiosity and ease and not an apprehension that it may be all too much.

KG, MPhil. Physiotherapy Research

Whilst I accessed Michelle’s support primarily to help with assignment work, her inside knowledge and deep understanding of the challenges that university places upon its students has been equally supportive and has guided my ability to step away from the imposed stress and to settle and commit to the task at hand.

Michelle Sheldrake is one amazing woman. Her ability to read what you have written and support you to express more in the writing of your assignments, is absolutely gold.  Michelle has a knack with flow and can easily see where academic writing may tick all the boxes, but is lacking a flow in the delivery which would support the lecturer to read, digest and understand the focus of the assignment.  Bringing this flow into my writing has been extremely supportive, as it has stopped the stilted delivery that I was falling into when trying to deliver what was required and keep it within the word limit.  

Before I asked Michelle for support, I was failing my assignments, there were many reasons for this, but that is another story.  With Michelle’s support, I have not only been able to research and produce quality work, but I have enjoyed compiling my assignments and feeling the importance of putting words on paper. 


I highly recommend Michelle and the support that she can offer anyone conducting any form of study, her insight into the way universities work is also deeply supportive

LS, Bachelor of Paramedical Practice

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