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An opportunity to explore any issues or questions you have around education, around you and study, why you want to study, what may be getting in the way of further study or your current study, why study may seem so challenging.

For example, working with clients to date has revealed that how we study at university can often be affected by our experience in primary and/or secondary school. Talking about these early experiences can be key to developing the ease and confidence to studying now.

Education & You: Coaching Sessions

Topics or questions to be explored in these online sessions could include:

  • I want to study but don’t know where to begin?

  • Why am I studying?  Exploring the purpose of your current course of study

  • What are you finding challenging? – Exploring and identifying where the points of stress are

  • Self-care to support being at university

  • Exam preparation

RATES: $60 AUD per hour (offered as an online session)

What clients say...

Discussing academic requirements with Michelle supported me to understand how I could work within what was expected, but not lose myself and my unique expression. 

RJ, Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), NSW

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