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About Study Made Simple

Study Made Simple provides practical support to university students all over the world and across diverse fields of study (to date: physiotherapy, paramedics, psychology, nursing, business, epidemiology, biostatistics). Clients are supported to develop their ability to respond to assignment and assessment tasks or research projects with clarity, confidence, authority and ease while meeting academic requirements.

Study Made Simple was founded by Michelle Sheldrake after she received calls for help from friends, all highly competent and confident professionals in their own fields, but whom university had left feeling disempowered, inept, stressed, anxious, confused, overwhelmed and not at all confident in their ability to learn or write. They were struggling with various aspects of study, from writing an assignment to managing the timeframes to understanding the demands, requirements and language of academia.


Common challenges included:

  • I don’t understand what they’re asking me to do

  • I can’t do this, I don’t know enough about it

  • Why do they make it so complicated?

  • Do you know anything about ….?

  • This is taking over my life

  • How do I write a research proposal?

  • How do I choose a research methodology?

  • I’m not going to get this done in time because something’s happened at home, with my child, at work

  • How do I do the referencing?

Sound familiar?

Study Made Simple is here to ensure that you feel empowered to bring your all to university while supporting your wellbeing.

After working with Michelle clients have reported greater confidence, clearer understanding of how university and academia works, less stress and anxiety, greater wellbeing and consistently high grades.

Practical, wise and making uni simple

"Michelle makes uni simple. She helps you strip things back so you can see your way forward.  She makes the complicated, uncomplicated, and that is well needed when navigating your way through university. Michelle is practical, steady and wise and makes Uni OK. That is 10/10 in my books.”

SF, Postgraduate Certificate of Business, QLD

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