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Are you finding the academic structures and requirements complex, confusing, complicated or overwhelming? Do you feel like you're in a foreign country and don't speak the language?

With an in-depth understanding of academic structures and requirements, and a strong mastery of order, simplicity and flow in academic writing and presentation, Michelle can support you to bring clarity and a simple approach to completing assignments and assessment tasks regardless of the subject matter.

These sessions are suitable for anyone preparing assignments and/or a thesis in English and across most fields of study. 

A session starts with a review of the assignment instructions and marking rubric to gain a shared understanding of what is required. The next step is to either develop a structure/outline for the assignment or if already drafted, Michelle will review for alignment with the instructions and propose changes as needed.

Assignment & Thesis Support

While support is available at any stage during an assignment there is definite benefit in accessing support at the beginning of an assignment. Michelle provides support with development of ideas, structure, order and flow but may not be able to assess the content depending on the subject matter.

Support provided here can include:

  • Getting clear on what the assignment/assessment is really asking you to do

  • Discussing /deciding on step by step action

  • Support with literature searches and structure of the literature review

  • Proofreading for clarity, structure and flow

  • Reference checks

Rate: $50 AUD per hour (includes in-person or online meetings as well background preparation and assignment reviews).

What clients say...

Michelle certainly makes study simple. I was stuck on an assignment question, going round and round in circles, making it all so complicated. Enter Michelle - one review of the draft, and with little knowledge of the subject but a very insightful understanding of the question, and BOOM she cracked the question with a couple of simple comments. Michelle made it super simple and I saw clearly what needed to be done, and did it. Love her work.

SF, Graduate Certificate of Business, QLD

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